What does
European Lawn Doctor® do?

The essence of the business plan is to provide park and green area owners, garden owners with high quality, program-like services that are not offered by others. Even the short- or middle-term usage of these services can offer substantial, visible results with regards to lawns. Taking care of lawns, transforming grass into a lawn is a complex task that requires professional skills and the active participation of the owner.
The services of European Lawn Doctor network® are not general, but highly specialized. Their main characteristic is the application of professional skills and special appliances that are not worth obtaining and maintaining on an individual level. European Lawn Doctor® operates on the basis of a lawn care system that has been elaborated in Anglo-Saxon countries but that we have made fit the climate and soil quality of the given country. Based on more than ten years of experience, our technology has further developed by adapting to the changes of the climate, the biologic and natural circumstances, new diseases and new resistance, and of course the needs of our customers.

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