What does the European Lawn Doctor® franchise system offer?
We show to you: How to became the owner of a successful business!

If you are an independent entrepreneur, you have to go through the troubles of opening your business and build it up professionally. The practical help of the European Lawn Doctor® franchise system does not only include professional training and ongoing customer support, but it also encompasses the design of the business structure, its optimalization, planning and personalization.

The Master Franchiser trains You to provide a special, marketable service that is applicable immediately even in a market of ever-increasing demands.

The European Lawn Doctor® franchise system includes not only professional (lawn-care) solutions, but offers up-to-date HR, marketing and sales-techniques. Thus, You do not have to be afraid of failure.

As a result of years of activities in the area of advertising, exhibiting, publications and trademark-protection; European Lawn Doctor® is the biggest and the best known franchise business in the area of horticultural services.
You can constantly be provided with the support of the European Lawn Doctor®’s franchise system.

If your business matures with time, you can establish new units in your area, and these can be units of your own franchise or sub-franchise. The sub-franchise provides you with additional passive income.

The well-established training system

After joining our Network, all employees take part in an intensive training course that provides all the knowledge that is necessary for operating your business.
The training includes theoretical and practical training, thus we teach you everything from the secrets of trade through technical information to marketing and sales tasks.
The internal communication system of European Lawn Doctor® enables the free flow of information and the exchange of experiences between units, thus there is always a professional team working on emerging problems, not leaving you alone.

The Lawn Doctors are constantly learning

European Lawn Doctor® values long-term cooperation with its partners. The Master Franchiser regularly visits the partners to help and assure the maintenance of the quality of professional work. These visits also offer possibilities to capitalize on personalized possibilities of business.
Regional business meetings and professional seminars help the continuous work of partners. We help them to increase their results with yearly business/fact analyses and suggestions for process-development. To answer the questions of our Lawn Doctors, we operate a non-stop help desk.

Our Franchise network:
the network of European Lawn Doctor® consists of intelligent, business-minded people like you.

The owners of European Lawn Doctor® franchise are motivated and efficient business-people, who take pride in raising the living standards of their partners through their services.

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