To start our own European Lawn Doctor® franchise enterprise, you have to calculate with the following investments.

Fees paid by the franchise recipient to the Master Franchiser:

1, Affiliation

The fee to join the franchise is for the rights to the system and to get the know-how.

2, Price of the technical equipment
To operate the franchise, the member needs a special sprinkler that can be mounted on a car. This is provided by the Master Franchiser to the new franchise member for , and the ownership rights go the the franchisee

The fee of to join the franchise system and the for the equipment are due upon signing the franchise contract.

3, Yearly fee (royalty)
The yearly franchise fee is payable by the franchise recipient to the Master Franchiser for using the name and know-how of the Network, as well as for the exclusive usage of the area.

Other investments:

4, Carrying vehicle
To offer the services, one needs a vehicle (cargo van) that is able to safely carry the equipment, and fulfils the appearance requirements of European Lawn Doctor® To use the given vehicle, the agreement of the Master Franchiser is needed. Based on our experience so far, the value of the vehicle is at least €6.000+VAT.

5, Operation
Marketing and other operational costs to start the first year of the franchise business amount to about €2.000+VAT.
Based on the above, to start a European Lawn Doctor® business, one needs €20.000+VAT.

6, Plus Possibilities

European Lawn Doctor® has expanded with a few additional services, which are not mandatory, but they enhance the effectiveness of the enterprise. The amount of these investments is around €4,000+VAT.

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