How can I become a franchise owner?

Your journey to become a European Lawn Doctor® franchise owner is simple, well set, calculable and will not cause you bad surprises.

First step: Let’s get to know each others’ thoughts.
We are not trading with rights, we only establish partnerships, common goals, strategies and future. The most important question is how the cooperation will be beneficial for both parties. If we do not think alike, we are not going to be able to work together..

Second Step: Let’s get to know each others business ideas.
Our applicants are usually well prepared but they come from diverse company and work cultures. Not only are their pasts different, but their ideas about the future as well. In this phase, we provide more information about the goals of our enterprise as well. We present the business documents of the European Lawn Doctor® franchise system.

Third Step: Application with a business plan.
If our business philosophies lead us to a mutual understanding, we offer you help to prepare a business plan that foresees present competencies as well as the business development of the first three years. The process of planning offers the applicant the possibility to rethink and understand the business concept; and think the decision through. The applicant submits the plan along with his/her application to join the franchise.

Fourth Step: Assessment of the application
The goal of the assessment is to decide whether the applicant has a well thought-out, realistic and achievable business plan that guarantees his and the franchise system’s security. The assessment also makes sure that the applicant has understood the operation of the European Lawn Doctor® franchise system and is able to fulfill its conditions.

Fifth Step: Area visit
The Master Franchiser and the applicant visit together the area that is newly entering the services. The main goal of this visit is the check the profitability of the area and to make sure that the business project can be realized.

Sixth Step: Introspection
If the application is well establishes, the applicant has the possibility to visit the sample unit and observe its operation, look through its economic documents and ask for opinions from an already contracted European Lawn Doctor® franchise member.

Seventh Step: Signing the franchise agreement
The signing of the franchise agreement if a well thought-out, long-term, strategic declaration of intent.

Eighth Step: Staring the learning program
After signing the franchise agreement, the franchise member starts a personal, practical distance-learning program.
If you are interested in the great business opportunity offered by European Lawn Doctor®, please get in contact with the Master Franchiser of the network:

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