Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a unit that is owned by the Master Franchiser?
Yes, it is.

Was there any occasion when a unit had to be closed or taken back?
No, there was no such incident.

Is this a self-acting, automatic business?
I have bad news, it is not. For the successful operation of the business, at least one person’s contribution is necessary.

How much and when should I work?
That depends on the climate of your area of operation and the life of vitalization of lawns there. This can amount to six months in the continental zone, while it can be as much as twelve months in the Mediterranean areas of Europe.

Is there a continual, sound demand for this service?
The number of our partners is ever increasing. Our units are developing.

Is it possible to get to know the experiences of a director of a unit that is already operational?

Yes, the possibility is there.

How about competition?
At present, we do not have knowledge about any business competitors. Our aim is to make this business worthless for individual operation.

When does the investment return?

Based on our experience so far, around the middle of the second year.

How do I establish contact with my customers?
The Master franchise owner (country director) takes care of national promotions, the franchise buyer takes care of local advertisement.

Is electronic sales a part of the franchise?
Yes, it is.


How big is the area that I can apply for?

You can apply for the area of an administrative, economic unit/region/county.

What kind of training does European Lawn Doctor® offer?
The training includes theoretical and practical training, thus we teach you everything from the secrets of trade through technical information to marketing and sales tasks.

What kind of permanent support will I get?
European Lawn Doctor® is committed to support its members day to day and upon request, it also helps on the spot to help the growth of businesses. The members of the team can be contacted on the phone, online and personally as well.

Why are the members of European Lawn Doctor® different from everybody else?
European Lawn Doctor® is the only company on the continent that is a franchise specializing in lawn- care, with more than ten years of experience. The name of Lawn Doctor is known across Europe, translated to national languages as well.

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